Green homes are no longer a “trend”…

Since the program was adopted in 2007 over 250 homes have been certified in the Spokane Area.

If you choose to build a Built Green® house you can increase your home’s comfort and durability. You can save money through energy-saving features that can add up over time and eventually provide you with a greater resale value.

Built Green® provides a rigorous set of certification requirements for home builders who are dedicated to not only do what is right for their family but also for their community and the planet at large. It’s a program that treats a home as an entire system with all systems working together to provide a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient living environment.

In a world where people are fast using up the earth’s natural resources and irreversibly so, green buildings have gained importance in building industry as it represents the future of smart and sustainable building practices.

Green building techniques include the use of building materials that are renewable and locally available. Green homes protect the environment, control energy costs.

Building a green home is not complicated as one would think. The Built Green® program has listed guidelines for building a green home that are useful for home builders and home buyers alike as they navigate through the construction process.