About Built GreenŽ
Built GreenŽ is an environmentally-friendly residential building program of the Spokane Home Builders Association, developed in partnership with public and private sponsors throughout the Inland Northwest.

Built GreenŽ provides consumers with an easy-to-understand rating system for residential construction, which quantify environmentally friendly building practices for new home construction, remodeling, communities and multifamily development units.

Built GreenŽ knows what you want in today’s market: Greater comfort and health, increased durability, more efficient operation, and the satisfaction of knowing you are protecting the environment and your family by purchasing or remodeling with Built GreenŽ. We hope you will consider buying or remodeling according to Built GreenŽ standards.

Currently, The Inland Northwest Built GreenŽ program provides consumers with two easy-to-understand ratings systems for:

New Home Construction
As the program expands, there will be rating systems in place for multi-family and remodel projects. If you are interested in obtaining Built GreenŽ certification in these two areas, INW Built GreenŽ is currently running a pilot project program in conjunction with Pierce County Built GreenŽ.