Current Grey Oaks Golf Course Information For Potential Buyers

There are fantastic country clubs and golf course communities all throughout Naples. When you talk to people, the Grey Oaks gated community will come up. It is a country club that is one of the best that consists of two specific areas. There is Grey Oaks proper and the estuary. You will notice that the homes are designed after some European style. There are vine covered walls, tiled rooftops, and it will hearken to old world Mediterranean design. If this is appealing to you, and if living in one of the most exclusive and expensive country clubs in Naples is something you would like to do, you definitely will want to look at grey oaks course that are for sale. Here is a little bit of information about this pristine golf community, and why ownership here, as well as membership with their golf course, should be of interest to you.

A Little Bit About Grey Oaks Country Club

When you start to look at other country clubs that offer golf course memberships, it’s hard to find one that beats Grey Oaks. Located in central Naples, it is close to Park Shore and Pelican Bay to the north. This community has almost a thousand homes, many of which are occupied, but once come up for sale all the time. It is exclusive simply because of the price range of the homes, as well as the full golf membership fee which so many people have taken advantage of. For example, if you are looking for a condominium, starting prices are just under $1 million. If you are looking for a single-family home, you will pay over $1 million, and then there is the cost of the membership fee to play golf. At $150,000, it is higher than most, and it has a maximum membership of 999. Currently, there is a couple of hundred membership still available, and this gives you access to three of the top golf courses in Naples.

Three Golf Courses At Grey Oaks Country Club

First of all, there is the Pine Course which is regarded by some as one of the top five most challenging private golf courses in Florida. It was featured in Florida Trend Magazine and is certainly both beautiful and challenging. The second is called Palm Course, and this is very different by design. There is a tiered rock waterfall, meandering lagoons, and island greens which are very hard to target. White sand beaches also permeate the area of this over the 7000-yard golf course. It has a definite tropical feel which is also different from the third golf course which is called the Estuary course. This is the most artistic of all of them with towering cypress, pine, and oak trees. It is a Triple Crown championship golf course. It has tranquil lakes and is simply magnificent from beginning to end, and one of the many reasons why people have a membership at Grey Oaks.

Amenities At Grey Oaks Country Club

You also can participate in social gatherings by purchasing the $30,000 social membership fee. Many activities are planned throughout the week, and you also get access to the West Clubhouse which is 19,000 square feet. There is also the East Clubhouse which is a whopping 62,000 square feet. You will get access to tennis courts, fitness centers, yoga, Pilates, aerobics, a spa, and upscale restaurants throughout. All of this comes with membership in this beautiful gated golf community. You will understand why it costs so much to be there. Although there are many homes, and hundreds of remaining memberships, those that are part of this are exclusive because of the cost.

Grey Oaks Country Club is one-of-a-kind, positioned in an area that is close to shopping centers, malls, medical facilities, schools, and of course the Gulf of Mexico. You really can’t go wrong with this particular golf community, and it is highly recommended by not only those that live there but those that have the ability to play golf on one of the three golf courses. If you haven’t settled on one golf community, this is the one you should consider. If it is feasible, you should consider it. Fantastic golf, activities, and the incredible homes and condominiums make this one of the best places to live in central Naples.

How To Easily Get Rid Of Trash After A Rental Moves Out

garbagemansguideIf you own several homes or even an apartment complex, you know that one of the more challenging aspects of this job is cleaning up want someone has left. Some of these individuals will leave quite a bit of material in the form of junk, trash, and old furniture that they simply left behind. Cleaning all of this up may require you to rent a dumpster. The size of the dumpster will depend upon the rental and what is inside. If someone had rented an entire house and had left an incredible amount of material behind, you may need to get more than one dumpster and hire help to get things back to normal. Here are some tips on how to get rid of the trash that a renter has left after they have moved out of your apartment or rental property.

Determine How Much Trash Is In The Rental

The first step of this process is to determine how much you have in the rental. You don’t want to rent a dumpster in Hall County without understanding how much trash is there. You could end up paying too much for a large 40-yard dumpster where you only needed a 20-yard dumpster to get rid of the trash. This can be something that you do automatically over time, but if this is your first time, you may have to take measurements. You need to consider all of the rooms with the debris that needs to be removed, and estimate in your mind how much that will be within the context of the dumpster that you will rent.

How Do You Find A Dumpster Rental Company To Help You?

You can find a dumpster rental company that can help you very quickly. These are businesses that will be able to give you quotes of the phone. If you have access to the Internet, and they have a website, you can find all of this information. Once you have the prices, you will know how much you are going to spend. There will likely be more than one company that offers dumpsters, and you will have to visit each of their websites, and if they do not have a website, call them up for an estimate. This will give you a basic idea of how much you are going to spend, and then you can schedule a time for the dumpster to be dropped off.

Do Some Of Them Offer Special Deals?

Most of them do offer special deals from time to time. This is how they will advertise and attract new clients. Some of the clients will only use them once, whereas others might be major clients such as construction businesses that are going to need dumpsters on a regular basis. Additionally, you need to consider the cost of renting more than one. You may get a discount if you rent two or more. These are all questions that you can ask the people that own the company just to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible.

How Do You Clean Up Once You Have The Dumpster?

The process of cleaning up your rental will simply begin by positioning the dumpster right outside of the front door. If you are hiring other people to help you, and there is a massive amount of debris, you should have two dumpsters, each one positioned at the front and back door. You may also need one for the garage if it is sizable. This is where many people will store their merchandise. If they have just up and left, leading you to clean everything out, just make sure that your dumpsters are in front of all of the entryways and exits to the home or apartment that you are cleaning. This will accelerate the process by which the cleaning can be done, and if you do have workers helping you, you can probably get this done in just a few hours.

When you contact these dumpster rental businesses, tell them about your situation. If you can’t estimate how much trash you will need, simply tell them what you have seen. By describing the size of your house, and the amount of junk that you saw, they can give you their professional opinion on the size of the dumpster that you will need to complete the job. Many of them will tell you to get the largest one if it is a single family home. If it is a small apartment, such as a studio apartment, a 10-yard dumpster might be all that you need. These estimates will come much easier as you continue to rent out to people, especially if you encounter this problem many times in the future. Start getting your estimates today and schedule a time for the dumpster to be brought out to your rental so that you can clean it up to rent it out again.

Benefits of Green Building

Built Green is moving the home building industry forward in producing quality homes and enhancing healthy living. These benefits extend beyond the walls of your new home.

The Built Green program of the Inland Northwest is helping to ensure that these benefits are available to all homebuyers who purchase a home that meets Built Green standards. By choosing smart, healthy and energy efficient options you’ll be making a choice to help protect our environment for the future as well as make a difference to your bank account today.

Conserving Natural Resources

The Built Green program supports builders and homeowners using a variety of green building materials that are less or non-toxic, locally produced or sourced, made of natural, recycled or salvaged materials, and resource efficient.

Below are just a few of the many products available today which used in a home construction, can assist with the preservation of our natural resources.

Plastic Lumber – Recycled plastic lumber or plastic/wood composite lumber provide durable alternatives to solid wood for exterior applications such as fences, benches, decking, docks, retaining walls, picnic tables, and landscape borders. Due to its weather-and insect-resistant nature, plastic lumber can readily substitute for treated wood in non-structural applications. Plastic lumber is also rot and corrosion-proof, and will not crack, splinter, or chip. It has a long life expectancy in exposed, sub-grade or marine applications, and does not leach chemicals into ground or surface water or soil as treated wood can.

Engineered Wood – There is a large family of engineered structural products, including laminated veneer lumber (LVL), wood I-beams and I-joists, and wood roof and floor trusses. These products combine efficient raw material use with improved strength and performance capabilities to produce a superior option to traditional materials. Engineered lumber manufacturers use fast-growing, small-diameter trees efficiently.

Fiber Cement Siding – Fiber-cement composites are resource-efficient, and in addition to durability and low maintenance, offer a very good fire rating when compared to wood or metal siding. The wood fiber in these products is reclaimed from wood processing waste. It can also be harvested from small diameter fast-growing species.

Brick – The process of extracting clay for brick production is fairly benign, and results in very little wasted material. Brick is often used close to its manufacturing site. It has an almost limitless life-span and can be recycled or salvaged for use after demolition. Brick is also a recyclable material that can be crushed and either returned to the manufacturing process, or used as a landscaping material in its crushed form.

Building Materials Recycling – Built GreenĊ½ builders and remodelers recycle as much as possible of scrap building materials and post a jobsite recycling plan to decrease the amount of materials going to our already overburdened landfills. Building materials such as lumber, wall board, concrete, cardboard, ceiling tiles, paints and packaging can often be recycled. If a remodeler or builder is deconstructing an existing building on the site, many of those materials can also be salvaged or recycled including wood flooring, framing materials, brick, ceramic tile and stone, trim and cabinetry, among others.

Energy Efficiency

As energy costs take a noticeable chunk out of homeowner budgets, using energy wisely is being widely promoted. Next to a mortgage, energy costs are the most significant household expenditure. An energy efficient home offers lower energy costs.

The Built GreenĊ½ program has a section within its checklist which recognizes ways a builder and homeowner can help create a more energy efficient home. This category promotes energy efficiency actions intended to push projects beyond Energy Code minimums toward Energy Star levels and beyond.